Where Else Can You Find This?

Only at The Music Room can you buy a pair of YG Acoustics Anat III speakers at a fantastic used price – more than 75% off of retail – and know that they will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Only here can you choose between open baffle speakers or electrostatic/dynamic hybrids that will fill your room with sound in a way that you’d dreamed. This is the place to finally secure the gorgeous Sonus Faber speakers you’ve been wanting for a decade, at a price well below what was stated in the reviews that you’ve bookmarked and re-read for years.

The Music Room has built its reputation on buying and offering the good stuff from audio’s past and present. We’ve created serious credibility from our industry-leading expertise in careful handling and shipping of sometimes nightmarishly delicate HiFi audio equipment.

Take the epic Duntech Sovereign PCL-2000 floorstanding speakers we’ve got in stock for example. 99% of used listings you’ll ever find for these rare and historic achievements in speaker design of the last 50 years are listed as “local sale only.” Because at 7-feet tall and nearly 300 pounds each, they are beyond the capability of most dealers or individual sellers anywhere in the world.

We worked with the former owner to find the best shipping crate maker who could package them better than the original manufacturer and we even agreed to the idea of separate crates for the speaker grills because of their delicate nature and the prospect of shipping the speakers worldwide. Now, the opportunity to own these special speakers has opened up to anyone anywhere, and that’s just one reason we are the best at what we do.

Browse our “floorstanding speakers” category right now, and you will see more and more reasons. We’ve got speakers to fit literally any taste and budget an audiophile might have, without the figurative handcuffs that traditional dealers have always dealt with. We don’t just carry one or two brands, and we won’t insult your intelligence by trying to convince you these are the “best” brands possible when in reality, they were the brands that decided to work with us.

At The Music Room, we represent all brands equally. We know that today’s educated consumer wants to find their own way through this exciting hobby. Information is much more valuable today than exhortation or salesmanship. We take care of the crucial parts of the journey like thorough testing, careful packaging, and friendly and responsive customer support. Our refunds are some of the quickest in the business, and our sales and support staff are among the most knowledgeable.

Find your next gem from us, like this pair of Zu Audio Definition Mark 4 [Rev-B] speakers, which one Positive-Feedback reviewer gave a grade of “A+++”. Their powered down-firing subwoofers challenge the bass-light expectations that some corners of the audio scene hold for Zu. Have them shipped to your front door for more than 50% off the original price, and let our friendly staff answer any questions you might have.

Or check out this set of impressive Raidho D2.1 speakers, which are known for their supreme pinpoint imaging capability. And which you can buy today for more than $35,000 less than you'd pay if they were brand new. At 9/10 on our cosmetic scale, they are flawless enough to keep our eagle-eyed testing staff from finding a single blemish.

The Clayton Shaw-designed Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire open baffle speakers deliver something most other “box” speakers cannot. 

They fill a room in a particular way and have a unique ability to impress at low listening levels. Let this pair catch your fancy, and order with the confidence that you can return them if they're not right. You can quickly and intuitively box them right back up for a quick and full refund if they’re not the perfect solution for your audio setup.

Where else can you find such varied options and come away with such confidence about the experience? You never know what we’ll have in stock month to month, but you can bet there will be something that grabs your attention, and you can be sure it will be in great condition and arrive with no worries on your end. If you’re reading this and these speakers I mentioned aren’t available, it’s because we’ve got a whole new set of fascinating options for you to choose from. Visit the floorstanding speakers page right now to see what gems we have to take your system to a whole new level.