Why Sell
with The Music Room?

The Music Room is the largest and most trusted online HiFi buyer in the world. We offer a quick, easy, and secure way to get a fair price (or trade-value) for your pre-owned HiFi gear.

Selling or Trading-Up your gear allows you to continue to enjoy your HiFi hobby and TMR is here to help you find your perfect setup.


See what our customers have to say:

"The crew at TMR are my heroes. They’re honest to a fault, have always gotten us the best pricing, offered a high level of professionalism and made sure PS Audio customers were respected. I would not hesitate to recommend TMR as a great dealer and perfect to handle consignments."

- Paul McGowan - PS Audio

"I generally don't take the time to do this sort of thing, but I just completed my first transaction with The Music Room and was so pleased with the experience and impressed with them that I felt I really should take a quick second to remark. I came across The Music Room while searching for gear to purchase, never intending to sell gear to them. However, I did have 3 items I was planning on selling, so I sent the information to see what they might offer. To my surprise, I received a prompt email back (I think these guys work ALL the time) with VERY fair offers on all the components and a thorough explanation on the process by which they purchase equipment. Not only was the offered purchase price extremely fair, but shipping was prepaid too."

- Scott N. Portland, OR

"If you have high end audio gear you want to sell I suggest you contact The Music Room first. They cater to audio enthusiasts, know and appreciate the gear you are trying to sell, treat you with respect and make the logistics of shipping painless. Anyone who has tried to sell high audio gear they owned for years or decades knows how emotional and frustrating this can be, but with TMR you have a trusted resource that will treat you right. All I had to do is pack my gear and call FedEx for pick up. I was able to pack and return ship all the boxes within 24 hours of receipt. They could not have made this any easier."

- Tom, USAF Retired, Swansea, IL